the huron creek advantage

Building better

Leading Innovation

A Focus on Better Building & Energy Efficiency

Huron Creek Developments has over 80 years of collective new home construction experience. We strive on creating a better building experience for all our new homeowners. The Huron Creek team has been consistently recognized for their ongoing commitment to innovation in both technology and building processes – making affordable home ownership a reality for everyone.

Technology advances

Construction Innovation

We are committed to help to reduce the carbon footprint of our buildings and infrastructure to build better and more with less. It’s the only way we can build progress for people and the planet together. 

Huron Creek Developments is accelerating the transition to a net-zero future through net-zero construction. We are continually rethinking and improving the basic principles of design and construction and have adopted many environmentally conscious practices as a standard process in all of the homes we build.

Some examples of the advances that we have made to move towards more sustainable building practices include:

  • Improved Waste and Water Management
  • Energy Management Technologies
  • AeroBarrier Premium Air Tightness Technology
  • Increased Insulation: Below grade under slab insulation, 2-inch foam board against concrete exterior walls, minimum R-60 Insulated exterior
  • Construction Waste sorted on site for appropriate recycling and disposal
  • Rigid Foam Insulation allows for less lumber to be used
  • Recycled Building Materials
  • Solar Ready Roof Requirements
  • High Efficiency Appliances
  • Low Flow Toilets

Saving you more

Energy Efficiency

Huron Creek Developments was proud to have won the 2022 ENERGY STAR® Canada Mid-Size Builder of the Year & 2023 ENERGY STAR® Canada Small-Size Builder of the Year.

This is a significant accomplishment that we will continue to honour through our commitment to advocate affordability in all the homes we build.

Searching for ways to increase the energy efficiency of your new home is imperative for us to pass down the energy savings of an efficient home to our homeowners.

 An ENERGY STAR® Certified home is on aver 20% more energy-efficient than a typical new home.

High efficiency ENERGY STAR® qualified products can be found all throughout the homes we build including:

  1. High-efficiency furnace outfitted with a programmable thermostat
  2. High-efficiency tankless on-demand water heaters with compatible Air Handlers (AHU) meeting ENERGY STAR Requirements
  3. ENERGY STAR qualified LED light bulbs to light up your home
  4. Huron Creek Developments uses ENERGY STAR® Qualified double-glazed Low-E Argon filled vinyl clad windows, with optional ENERGY STAR® Qualified triple pane vinyl windows.
  5. Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERVs) recovers heat and it also recuperates the energy trapped in moisture, which greatly improves the overall recovery efficiency.

With you every step of the way

A Better Home Building Experience

Your design and customer care concierge along with the rest of our dedicated team provides support every step of the way, from the beginnings of your home-buying process right to the post move-in comprehensive warranty and service program. Receive your homebuyer login providing online access to all your purchasing documents, real-time construction progress updates, and managing future warranty and service requests.