February 8, 2023

ENERGY STAR® – Conserving Energy at Home

As the 2022 & 2023 ENERGY STAR® Canada Award Winner for Builder of the Year, we strive to provide homeowners with energy efficient homes. 


ENERGY STAR® Canada Award Winner for New Homes

2022 Builder of the Year – Mid-size: Huron Creek Developments

2023 Builder of the Year – Small size: Huron Creek Developments


Although ENERGY STAR products help you save, here are some tips to help you save further: 

    1. Use energy-efficient appliances: Invest in Energy Star certified appliances, as they use less energy compared to their traditional counterparts.  
    2. Switch to LED light bulbs: LED lights use significantly less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs and last much longer.  
    3. Unplug electronics when not in use: Devices like televisions, computer monitors, and chargers continue to use energy even when turned off. Unplugging them when not in use can save energy.  
    4. Reduce water usage: Install low-flow showerheads, toilets, and faucets to reduce water consumption. Fix any leaky faucets as soon as possible to prevent water waste.  
    5. Use a programmable thermostat: This allows you to automatically control the temperature of your home, reducing energy usage when you’re not there.  
    6. Use natural light: Open your curtains and blinds during the day to take advantage of natural light. Close them at night to prevent heat loss.  
    7. Wash clothes in cold water: 90% of the energy used to wash clothes goes towards heating the water. Washing clothes in cold water can significantly reduce your energy usage. 


How Huron Creek Developments helps you save energy through our building:

  1. Incorporating double glazed windows: Double glazed windows have two panes of glass with a sealed space between them, creating an insulating layer that helps prevent heat loss in the winter and heat gain in the summer. 
  2. Using LED lights: Your Huron Creek Developments home comes with LED lights to start saving you energy from day one. 
  3. Installing programmable smart thermostat: Your Huron Creek Developments home comes with a smart thermostat so you can save money at home and while your away with it’s programable features. 
  4. Low flow toilets: Less water usage also means less energy is needed to treat and distribute water. The reduced demand on local water supplies can help to reduce the energy needed to pump water from reservoirs and treatment plants. 
  5. High-efficiency tankless on-demand water heater: Unlike traditional tank-style water heaters, tankless water heaters only heat water when it’s needed. Tankless water heaters are designed to last longer than traditional tank-style water heaters, which can also save you money in the long run. 


ENERGY STAR® Canada Awards

ENERGY STAR Canada Awards recognize organizations that have demonstrated excellence in offering Canadians the most energy-efficient products and technology available on the market.

Huron Creek Developments is an innovator in new home construction and community development. All Huron Creek homes are certified under the ENERGY STAR for New Homes program. Huron Creek Developments is helping to drive the transition towards a net-zero future through our dedication to ENERGY STAR certification and net-zero construction.

2022 ENERGY STAR® Canada Awards Winners’ profiles: Huron Creek Developments

2023 ENERGY STAR® Canada Awards Winners’ profiles: Huron Creek Developments


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