November 24, 2022

Fall 2022 Design Trends

Here is what our Design expert, Theresa, anticipates will be trending in the next few months:



No, we do not mean literal funghi. Most décor that will be seen on the shelves this fall will feature mushrooms! Upgrade your living space by adding a cute lamp!

Instagram Worthy

We already know more and more businesses are adding Instagram-worthy backdrops to attract consumers, but what about adding it to your home? Wallpaper is making its way back in a fun and interactive way! With so many working from home, the idea of creating a backdrop for meetings or social media content is the hot and new trend.

Private Spaces

The new trend is to create a safe space within your space, an area where you can sit back and relax with a book in your hand. The addition of an already trending egg chair is all you need!


Oh, how beautiful was the renaissance time with its architecturally designed archways! Not possible to add archways to your home? A gorgeous arched mirror will be your go-to statement piece this fall.


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